Eating Alfresco

Wild Dining

 Being in our autumn years wellness is high on our agenda.  We believe protecting health and well-being through ingestion is key to organic living and have been evolving Koppany Pines with this in mind.  Our second season firmly established our Garden Tearoom as a place to come together, have a meal and enjoy a wide range of the ingredients from our vegetable garden, orchard or foraged from the local area. What we can’t grow and find we source from other small scale local supplies to support the local community.

  Our menu includes:-

  • well-being infusions, tisanes & teas
  • speciality coffees
  • breakfast menu 8-11am
  • pre-order lunch and picnics
  • botantical bakes
  • afternoon teas parties
  • homecooked evening meals – Thursday to Monday
  • event nights

We also hope for some it will be an introduction to the benefits offered by herbs to our wellbeing without compromising on the taste.  We love people to ask questions and by interacting with our teas and breathing in the aromas and learning about the ingredients a simple cup of tea becomes a special experience.  Find out what herbs will work for you!

Why not book an event?

Garden Tearoom 





We grow our own herbs onsite and also forage for fruits and other ingredients.   

Koppany Pines Garden Tearoom is licenced as “Koppanyszanto’s Falusi Vendégasztal”

(Koppanyszanto’s Village Guest Table)

The “Village Table” is an initiative to support rural tourism by enabling small producers to prepare mainly regional & traditional dishes, generally cooked and prepared outdoors and oven-baked or cooked in a cauldron to share with visitors and guests.  The ingredients are grown onsite, locally produced or foraged.  The idea is the village guest table experience offers not just gastronomic delight, but also an insight into Hungarian food and traditions.  At Koppany Pines we support this initiative as we see this as a way to support our local community and give back for the support we have received.


8am to 11am

A choice of a light or hearty menu served on old fashioned china for a wonderful start of the day.


Pre-Order Lunches to Go

A selection of choice to pre-order and collect the next morning between 8am and 11am ranging from picnic to salad to soups-in-a-jar.

Home-Cooked Meals

Home-cooked evening meals Thursday to Sunday.

Afternoon Tea Parties

 Served in our  Garden Tearoom with it’s perfectly designed with pale green checkered garden tables and chairs, vases of fresh flowers and a cushion-strewn terrace. The menu offers a choice of a traditional classic option to a botantical menu for those wishing a explore more about natural ingredients and well-being.

Fire & Feast Nights

Typical Village Table event – Arrival from 6pm, Food Served at 7pm 

Priority is given to traditional Hungarian recipes. We serve fresh and seasonal products, from our edible garden or local producers. The menu includes in the price:

  • shared appetisers
  • an entree
  • a main course
  • a dessert
  • glass of wine & palinka

Foraged Pizza Nights

Typical Pizza Night – Arrival from 5pm, Oven ready from 6.30pm 

Forage for your ingredients, roll out your dough and make your pizza.  Your pizza will then be cooked in our oven, you are welcome to have a go yourself if you want.  We serve fresh and seasonal products, from our edible garden or local producers. The menu includes in the price:

  • shared appetisers
  • pizza & ingredients
  • a dessert
  • glass of wine & palinka


Our onsite bar offer a great selection of infusions from a simple herbal infusions to foraged infusions that have taken years to ‘brew’.  A great place to get those testing those taste buds.  Local specialities also available, or a selection of coffees for those needing a wake up moment.


Low season – 8am to 11am &  6pm to 8pm

High season – 8am to 11am & 5pm to late


**Due to licensing only guests staying onsite are allowed to use the bar. 

Koppany Pines Address

7094 Tolna, Koppanyszanto 

334 Dozsa Gyorgy Utca

Contact Info

00 36 20 438 0510

00 44 7887 850579