We invite you to join us at our 

“Koppanyszanto Village Guest Table”

Koppanyszanto Falusi Vendégasztal”

The “Village Table” is an initiative to support rural tourism by enabling small producers to prepare mainly regional & traditional dishes, generally cooked and prepared outdoors and oven-baked or cooked in a cauldron to share with visitors and guests.  The ingredients are grown onsite, locally produced or foraged.  The idea is the village guest table experience offers not just gastronomic delight, but also an insight into Hungarian food and traditions.

We love our guests to take part with the outdoor cooking, especially the hungarian kettle cooking, which is seen as men’s work in Hungary.

Typical Village Table event – 6pm till late

Priority is given to traditional Hungarian recipes. We serve fresh and seasonal products, from our edible garden or local producers. The menu includes in the price:

  • shared appetisers
  • an entree
  • a main course
  • a dessert
  • glass of wine & palinka

Outdoor Cooking Area

For the Hungarian Kettle evenings guests are restricted to a maximum of 16 only to ensure a real ‘at home’ dining experience.

Booking is essential, but it’s always worth ringing to see if we have had a last minute cancellation if you find yourself free.

View the events and workshops page for more information on dates, timings and booking information.

We hope to complete our calendar of events early spring, covid allowing.

You do not have to stay onsite to take part in one of our events, but we hope you do!

Fire & Feast

Over the season we are offering a variety of Fire & Feast nights which may be found on our events page.  

Kettle Cooking
Pizza Making Night
Langos Baking – Old Style!

Folklore & Storytelling

Wine Tasting

Dates to be released Spring (covid allowing!)


Future Plans

We built a pizza oven for our pizza nights and guest use. We are excited to announce our next project is to build a Tandoori oven.

We will continue to develop our edible gardens as we work towards sustainability.

So whether it’s cooking, building or eating there’s always a learning experience at Koppany Pines if you want it!


Personal recommendation

We visited another ‘village guest table’, Krista Porta, which is between our campsite and Balaton lake.  It is run by a Hungarian couple and we will happily arrange a trip out to their quaint museum which again shows ‘real’ Hungary and a tasting.  

Barn exhibition

The exhibition consists of two parts, a barn where the larger work tools and a covered part with the smaller tools and written materials including old personal letters. In the exhibition represents the everyday life of peasant life from the 1800s to the present day and they offer a guided tour.