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Roadtripper’s Kitchen


Roadtripper’s Kitchen

Koppanyszanto Village Guest Table

“Falusi vendégasztal”

Village Guest Table is an initiative to support rural tourism by enabling small producers to prepare mainly regional & traditional dishes, generally cooked and prepared outdoors and oven-baked or cooked in a cauldron to share with visitors and guests.  The ingredients are grown onsite, locally produced or foraged.  The idea is the village guest table experience offers not just gastronomic delight, but also an insight into Hungarian food and traditions.  We love it when our guests also take part with the outdoor cooking, especially the kettle cooking, which is seen as men’s work in Hungary.   We have also built an outdoor oven for traditional pizza and bread making.

  Events are available most weekends in the summer months or on request with 24 hours notice.

Typical Village Guest Table event

Priority is given to traditional Hungarian recipes. We serve fresh and seasonal products, from our vegetable garden or local ones. The menu includes in the price:

  • an appetizer
  • an entree
  • a main course
  • a dessert

It doesn’t stop there! The Koppany Pines vine & orchard with it’s array of fruits was already well established when we took residence, however, the vegetable and herb gardens needed re-digging and planning.  As well as the produce for the village guest table we decided to create an Infusion Garden.

With the fruits, herbs, flowers and spices grown in the Infusion Garden, together with locally foraged produce, we blend and infuse teas, alcohols, oils and water to add a Roadtripper’s Kitchen custom kick to produce a culinary delight.  The basic flavours are lemon verbena, basil, strawberries, thyme, mint – and what should come as no surprise lavender.  Add this to the jams and syrups and you have all the ingredients for the perfect afternoon tea.  

For the Evening Meals or Afternoon Tea pre-booking is required

We cater for up to 16 people only or more if the campsite is booked exclusively.

Bookings open to Koppany Pines Guests and Visitors

 Complete booking request form or book at reception. 

 Take a look at our other events & workshops which include Traditional Pizza Baking and Wine Tasting  –  Hungarian of course.

 Exclusive hire of Roadtripper’s Kitchen for a party , celebration or gathering of friends is available,

  contact us  and we will organise a night of fun and feast!

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For staying guests, freshly baked rolls are also available– please order at reception by 2pm the day before



Roadtripper’s Kitchen

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  For recipes, infusions ideas and news see the Roadtripper’s Kitchen website.