Nature Wellness

“Longer term studies looking at brain activity of people after three days of being in nature (without any technology) reveal lower levels of theta activity suggesting that their brains had rested.”
– David Strayer, Dept of Psychology, University of Utah

‘Research today confirms what many have believed that nature provides healing qualities for our mind and body. For instance, there are studies that show that some trees emit invisible chemicals known as phytoncides that have the potential to reduce stress hormones like cortisol, lower blood pressure, improve immunity and improve the overall feeling of well being.

Our time at Koppany Pines has shown us we have the perfect location for practising well-being through nature to rest, revitalise and refocus.  What initially began as an interest to replenish ourselves after the emotional and mental challenges of the ‘covid years’ has now been developed further through study and certification and we are now able to offer these therapies to our guests and visitors.


Meditation script

Picnic – choose from cheese & wine/vegetarian/vegan/hungarian  & large mat.


Nature Meditation

Book as a group or individual for this self guided meditation session in a natural setting.  You will be provided with a guided meditation script and a beautiful private lake location to allow you to escape to serenity.  Stroll the 20 minute walk through the fields and fauna to the lake, taking in the breeze and rustle of the wind blowing through the leaves, the scaling hill around.  At the beautiful lake cleanse your lungs with fresh air or sit with your gaze fixed on the point where sea meets sky to achieve instant calm.



Guided 2 hour walk at  slow pace with plenty of time for self-reflection

Wild tea session 

Ratio: Max 1:8


Mindful Walking

(Forest Bathing)

Forest therapy aims to improve well-being through connection with nature and trees.  You will be invited to immerse in nature through a series of sensory invitations.  Breathing deeply and finding peace in nature has a massive positive role on your body and mind. Plants release substances from their leaves that are effective in positively stimulating the immune system, as many studies have proved.

If you have ever been among trees in a woodland, listening to the birds, walking, or simply searching for some silence, you have already experienced the Japanese practice of shrin-yoku or forest bathingIn Japanese, “shinrin” means forest and “yoku” means bath, or immersing oneself in the forest and soaking in the atmosphere through the senses.

It gives you the space to think about what you need to re-create in your life and what you want to re-connect with along your path.


Guided 3 hour walk at  slow pace with plenty of time for photography and focus

Ratio: Max 1:6


Mindful Photowalking

On these walks you’ll be invited to undertake tasks to increase your appreciation of the world and develop the conscious ‘art of seeing’ and hopefully discover a richer world.  A mindful photo walk is a wonderful way to give your stressed-out mind a break and to pay attention to your life in the present moment.  Mindfulness is about slowing down and using your senses to take in the present moment. The application of mindfulness allows us to truly focus on the creative process while the camera helps us interacting with the to connect to the physical world.  

You don’t need to be a photography expert, all you need is to be curious and open to new experiences, have a camera, or phone with a camera app, and a desire to explore as a conscious creative human being.  When we  shoot what we see, without the interference of the mind, the results will be artistic.


Thermal Bath Experience  – Direct with Spa

Thermal baths have a long history, dating back to Ancient Roman times. The combination of mineral and warmth are well documented for relieving muscular aches and pains, detoxing skin, improving body metabolism and increasing circulation. They are also linked to improved mental wellness, including better quality sleep. helping to combating stress, reducing stress and anxiety and help people feel more centred.

We have three thermal spas within 20 minutes of the campsite:-




Also worth a visit is the spectacular thermal lake at Heviz

The greener the setting, the more the relief.

– Richard Louv