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Wild Culinary Garden Walk


The safest place to eat plants from is your own garden.  Our guided tour explores the Koppany Pines gardens for examples of plants you may find in your garden.  Edible weeds tend to be high in nutrients and often overlooked as a food source. Explore more about ‘wild’ weeds that may be introduced into everyday cooking as well as an introduction to some simple infusions and wild cooking ideas.

Your guide will give you just a small taste of how to open your minds to edible weeds.

Walk includes

  • Wild garden food guide
  • 10 more common edible weeds
  • Selection of wild recipes

Wild Culinary Forest Walk


Discover the thrill of foraging delicious wild edibles and learn how to identify them with confidence.  This gentle stroll along a 5km route through the Koppany Valley woodland. We stop frequently to explore the culinary and medicinal uses of the wild food plants that cross our path and some folklore tails behind the food.  *(Please note, we do not cover the specialist subject of fungi).

Your guide will open your eyes to the wild and free foods growing all around you.

Walk Includes

  • Wild food guide

  • Information on plants nutritional and medicinal values

  • Selection of wild recipes

 Honey Tasting & Pairings


 Tasting honey is like tasting wine, except there is no spitting involved!  You use all your senses to learn more about the honey you are tasting.  We’ll show you how to identify between different colours and  flavours like floral, fruity, grassy and woody and then offer some pairing ideas such as olives, sundried tomatoes for you to taste.

Your guide will give you an insight into how to start your journey to becoming a honey sommelier.

Tasting includes

  • Honey tasting guide
  • 4 honey flavours including the sought after lavender honey
  • Selection of honey recipes and pairing ideas

Botanical Afternoon Tea Experience


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