Koppanyszanto’s Falusi Vendégasztal”

(Koppanyszanto’s Village Guest Table)

The “Village Table” is an initiative to support rural tourism by enabling small producers to prepare mainly regional & traditional dishes, generally cooked and prepared outdoors and oven-baked or cooked in a cauldron to share with visitors and guests.  The ingredients are grown onsite, locally produced or foraged.  The idea is the village guest table experience offers not just gastronomic delight, but also an insight into Hungarian food and traditions.  At Koppany Pines we support this initiative as we see this as a way to support our local community and give back for the support we have received.

What’s On Offer?

Self Serve Cafe

Within our Wild Kitchen is a cafe – there is no waitress, manager, or cashier in the shop and everything is self-service, from making your own tea to paying the bill.  Just make yourself at home and select from our choice of teas, coffees, drinks, cakes and light meals and enjoy!

Micro farmers market

Browse our micro farmer’s market selling local produce, drinks and local wares. Homegrown always tastes better.

Pre-Order Breakfast

Continental Tray – French or Hungarian

English Breakfast Basket – Everything you need to cook your english breakfast including an english sausage!

Go Wild!! Breakfast Friday, Saturday or Sunday – book to join our nature escape breakfast cooked on the campfire – weather permitting.

Village Guest Table Event Programs - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Each weekend we welcome you to our table.  Our aim is to cook outdoors whenever possible and based on the harvest of the day.  

Afternoon Tea - Monday - 3pm to 5pm

Spend a delightful afternoon in nature enjoying an afternoon tea.  We offer a classic english afternoon tea or a push those boundaries and opt for our botantical option and see where your taste buds lead you.

Go wild!! Escape Activities

Our Wild Kitchen is a key area of our Nature Escapes offering a wide range of wellness benefits from campfire wellness, wild dining, wild craft, being outdoors, group interaction and obviously the nutritional benefits from eating homegrown.  We grow our own herbs & edible weeds onsite and also forage for fruits and other ingredients, again activities you will find on our courses.

We also hope for some our activities will be an introduction to the benefits offered by herbs to our wellbeing without compromising on the taste.  We love people to ask questions and by interacting with our teas and breathing in the aromas and learning about the ingredients a simple cup of tea becomes a special experience.  Find out what herbs will work for you!

Food, Mood & Herbal Wellness

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History of Kettle Cooking

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Benefits of a Campfire

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