Guest Host Workshop 

Studies have shown that having a hobby can help improve your mental health and the taking part in activities leads to increased wellbeing.  Besides relieving stress and anxiety there are many other benefits to incorporating creative pastimes into our lifestyles. Creative hobbies are a great way to learn a new skill and get out of your comfort zone.  They can also help you keep a calmer mind and allow you to practice the art of mindfulness and so we invite others to host workshops throughout the season 

Painting Workshop

Join Annerie Mol for a nature painting workshop. More details to follow.

Artisan Crafts & Skills

We will bring your workshops from hurdle-making, whittling, jam making to bread-making and soap making hosted by people willing to share their talent.

Entomoligist Talk

Bugs, insects & butterfly species have evolved undisturbed in our nature park.  Come and listen to our expert chat, learn how to build a bug hotel and be fascinated.

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