Fire & Feast Nights

As a couple we have always loved cooking outdoor and in the UK organised culinary meets where the cooking would be a group activity and a shared experience.  We wanted to bring this experience to the campsite and through reading and study we also now understand that scientists are realising the benefit of these group activites in the outdoors.

Simply sit back and focus on the flames, relax your breath and consider both your breath and the flicker of the flames around you.

Embrace the moment with your body and your mind. 

Our Fire & Feast Nights incorporate

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Benefits of Outdoor Cooking

Cooking and baking meet the criteria of a type of therapy known as ‘behavioural activation’, which are activities that alleviate depression by increasing goal-oriented behavior and reducing procrastination. This is why psychologists now believe cooking can be classed as therapeutic.  

Benefits of Fire

Fire gazing is deeply meditative, inspiring and awakening experience.  The trance-like relaxing effects of a campfire are well known but now scientists have found that an open fire reduces blood pressure – the longer people sit in front of a roaring fire, the greater the relaxing effect it has on them. 

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