Hungarian Festivals

Why not visit a festival ?  Immerse in these joyous celebrations and then come and relax in the beauty of the Hungarian countryside.

Pecs (1hr 15 mins) in March plays host to the Budapest Spring Festival. The city witnesses concerts, theatre, exhibitions, opera, sports and many other activities during this time.  June brings the International Adult Puppet Festival and Outdoor Festival, which lasts until August.  Many performances including theatre and music happen outdoors in public areas during the evening.  September brings the Setater Festival is a month-long festival with music performances and lots of wine.  Fishing on Orfu Fesitval music festival is held close to Pécs in August and has become one of the most popular ‘small festivals’ in the Hungarian countryside.  Elsewhere:-


Kalocsa, Bács-Kiskun 1hr 36 mins The Paprika Festival combines traditional folk art with the paprika.  This is a really fun festival with lots of exciting events and good food, and if you are in the area, do try to attend the crazy celebrations.


Keszthely 1hr 20 mins  –  International Festival “St Ivan’s Days”

Tihany 1hr 19 mins  The Lavender Festival is situated across a beautiful landscape of lavender fields, is celebrated in honor of the bloom of the beautiful flower.


Zamárdi 45 mins Balaton Festival,  (lakeside electronic music festival)

Ozora 44 mins Ozora Festival  This is one of the top psychedelic trance arts and music festivals in Hungary.


Zamardi 45 mins  B my Lake ! Europe’s number one outdoor underground electronic music festival,

Sziget 1hr 57 mins  Sziget Festival, Budapest (rock and pop music)  Translating in English to “Island Festival”, the Sziget festival in Hungary is another one of the top music festivals.

Balatonfüredi Borhetek 1hr 26mins The Balatonfüred Wine Weeks  start min August and continue until the first week of September. The most popular gastronomic festival of Balatonfüred will be held on the Tagore promenade in August. Visitors can taste nearly 30 varieties, including rosé, sparkling wine, riesling and other award-winning wines. Free concerts are available every night during the festival.

Kaposvar 44 mins Kapofest is an annual music festival usually held in August. The festival is known for fine musicians performing with various collaborations and is one of the most popular fests.


Balatonfüred 1 hr 26 mins Romantic Reform Era where you dine and drink like the royalty of the 19th century, one of the most unique holidays and festivals in Hungary.  You will also find Harvest festivals in September, where whole villages come together to celebrate.