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Outdoor wellbeing 


Fire gazing is deeply meditative, inspiring and awakening experience.  Simply sit back and focus on the flames. Relax your breath and consider both your breath and the flicker of the flames around you. Embrace the moment with your body and your mind.

Fire & Feast Events

Fire, Feast & Kettle Cooking

We love our guests to take part with the outdoor cooking, especially the hungarian kettle cooking, which is seen as men’s work in Hungary.

Fire, Feast & Stone-baked Pizza Making

Outdoor cooking session making pizzas and cooking in the rustic pizza oven.  Followed by evening round the campfire.

Fire, Feast & Baked Lángos Baking

Before fried lángos came baked! Learn how to cook one of Hungary’s most popular dishes topped with sour cream, garlic and cheese.

Fire, Feast & Star Gazing

A guided evening of star gazing, followed by a hot campfire meal and roasting marshmallows.  The stars change with the seasons, so be sure to return!

Fire, Feast & Folklore

Tales round the campfire.  Stories from hungarian folklore to entertain you, accompanied by traditional hungarian fare.

Fire, Feast & Wine Tasting

Be educated on hungarian wines, visit a local wine press and of course enjoy some tasting!  There will also be optional trip on day 2 to visit a winery.

Walks & Tours

Apiary Tour & Honey Tasting

Fantastic introduction to bees and a tour of the local apiary which is located at the end of our road, following by a honey tasting session.  The bees produce three types of honey in our location.

Well-being through Nature

Browse our wellness nature sessions.

Skills & Hobbies


A day learning about nature photography and how to capture that shot.

Painting Workshop

Join Annerie Mol for a nature painting workshop. More details to follow.

Artisan Crafts & Skills

We will bring your workshops from hurdle-making, whittling, jam making to bread-making and soap making hosted by people willing to share their talent.

Entomoligist Talks

Bugs, insects & butterfly species have evolved undisturbed in our nature park.  Come and listen to our expert chat, learn how to build a bug hotel and be fascinated.

  Do you have a traditional skill, craft, or a hobby to share?

Could you teach your craft or skill as a workshop?

Would you like to earn some money, meet new people?

We are looking for people such as:

Cooks, Artists, Candle-maker, Weavers, Foragers,  Gardeners,  Musicians, Florists,  Carvers, Storytellers and other artisan crafts!  

We would love to hear from you to see if you would like to share some of your knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, skills  and crafts, we would offer the platform and venue providing you the opportunity to educate and enthrall.  We hope to expand to inspire younger generations to lead a more sustainable, self-sufficient and meaningful lifestyle. It could lead someone into a craft, trade or useful life skill and hobby.  It could work to reignite a cultural set of traditional values, such as ‘Make Do and Mend’ and ‘Grow your Own’ that exist in these rural hungarian villages.