live wild, be wild, eat wild in rural Hungary!




closed for winter, re-opens 1st May 2024


About Us

Human Rewilding: Forging a deep nature connection and living a simpler, more meaningful, and ultimately more sustainable life.

Koppany Pines Guesthouse & Campsite was purchased in 2020, we saw it as way to live a more natural life in the countryside. We’ve been described as quirky, rustic, bohemian but always friendly!  We grasped at this lifestyle, fallen in love with old skills and found well-being in nature through pursuing a simpler life.

It’s been a journey of continual self-assessment, a continual ebb and flow of happiness, but always accompanied by a sense of pride and gratitude as we embrace our journey.  With subtle changes in mindset and behaviour learnt from making mistakes and training, we now are reaping the benefits of the calm and clarity we sought.  Living and being in nature develops resilience and provides a sense of purpose and we feel a longer lasting contentment. This year we launch our GO WILD!! ESCAPES, a guided experience to help you REWILD YOUR LIFE.

Our Visitors

Our visitors are international, last year reaching us from as far as New Zealand, Iceland and Brazil all seeking solace in nature in their own way.  

  • Walkers, Hikers and Ramblers – Being located directly on the Koppany Valley Walking Trails we have miles of footpaths to explore right from the campsite.
  • Artists, Writers – Peace, inspirational landscape and as much solitude as you wish for.
  • Nature Lovers – Triangulated by woodland, the Koppany River and rolling hills, we are in an area that has been left underdeveloped for wildlife, flora and fauna to create a unique habitat just bursting to be explored.
  • Hobbiest – Butterflies, Birds and Insects, a whole array of species to seek-out and spot.
  • Astronomers – We are in a dark skies area and with a clear sky the milky way is visable every night throughout the summer to spend an amazing night star gazing.
  • Go Wilders – Foraging, outdoor cooking, bushcraft, natures larder – we love it all!  See Go Wild!! Escapes
  • Nature Reconnection & Wellbeing in Nature – Recharge, Rebalance, Reconnect as a certified nature guide this is high on our agenda.  See Go Wild!! Escapes
  • Off-Roaders (Motorcycles, bikes, quads) – Miles of terrain to explore with the TET within a short distance.
  • Homesteaders (or wanna bes) – Come and share the love of this way of life.

Live Wild

Be Wild

Eat Wild

Through our GO WILD! ESCAPES our aim is to inspire visitors to be open to a simpler and natural way by rewilding your life. No matter if it’s a toe in the water or a full immersion, we know you will feel the benefit and hopefully we’ll plant the seed on how many ways there are to connect with nature. We achieve this by guiding you through activities that engage you deeply with the natural world to reawaken your senses.  We work on two levels, activities in nature for a deeper connection and also activities to inspire interest in more practical ways.  It’s not enough to walk through nature you need to feel, see, hear, touch and smell to truly rewild you life.  We have extended our escapes to include family wilding as we’ve seen the benefits first-hand on parent and child connections by spending time in nature together.

Experience connection 

Wild Wellness & Wild Kitchen The benefits of time in nature are extensive and well documented and wild wellness is about rehabilitating our hearts, human spirit and soul by re-defining how we view the world and ourselves through acts, techniques and rituals.  Questioning and reconsidering all aspects of your life is fundamental to rewilding your life.

Inspire interest 

Bushcraft & Wildcraft Nature is our playground. Our escape programs are designed to rekindle the interest for nature we had as children. We aim to inspire a reconnection with our natural world through personal experiences – listening, learning, creating and interacting with nature.

Our WILD KITCHEN is the hub of eat wild and learning about nature’s larder. It’s also the location of our self serve Cafe Bar and Micro Farmers Market and bookable Go Wild!! dining programs Friday to Monday.  

Our Location

Our village of Koppányszántó is a rural community living off the land and built on values from a by-gone age holding onto it’s heritage and traditions with pride. 

Koppany Pines is centrally placed not only in Hungary but also in Europe. Balaton Lake, europe’s largest freshwater lake is within 45 minutes and Budapest reachable by car or train in under 2 hours. Our nearest airport is Budapest, from where you would take the train to Pincehely or Siofok and we would arrange a transfer.   We have car hire available locally.   

It’s also a great place for a stopover when exploring both western and eastern europe. We also border Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia with Albania and Montenegro close by which are current all non-schenegen countries bearing in mind UK visitors may be required to consider the 90 days out of 180 in schengen countries.  94 miles to Budapest – 184 miles to Vienna 250 to Rijeka, Croatia – 380 miles to Venice, Italy