Day trip to St Kristof Pinceszet, Zamardi, where you will find a family run business which includes a wine cellar, restaurant, traditional Hungarian food museum, petting farm and archery, all set in idyllic surroundings. 

Your excursion includes a trip to the South shore of Lake Balaton for a wine tasting experience at the St Kristof Pinceszest and a tour around the surrounding countryside.

Your excursion starts with a leisurely drive to St Kristof where you can experience the tasting of different wines plus opportunities to taste homemade food that is produced 100% organically using traditional and ancient recipes.  You also have the opportunity to purchase their very competitively priced wines and produce from the Hungarian Food Museum.

Your package will enable you to enjoy the tasting of Hungarian wines at their best in delightful surroundings without the worries of driving.  There is open air eating available in the grounds plus a small petting farm and archery available.

The package price is HUF 20,000 for two persons and includes the return journey, wine tasting experience and set lunch and tour of the surrounding countryside.

Extra  persons will be charged HuF 7,500 per head